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I am an artist based in Devon, in the south west of the UK. I work with textiles, both two and three dimensionally, using processes including stitch, moulding and collage. Paper in all its forms, and silk fibres and fabrics are my preferred media. 

 My work is concerned with natural forms, in particular plants and botanical structures. I am fascinated by plant life cycles, and the parallels to our own condition - nurturing, protective seedpod shapes, the flamboyant or delicate beauty of flowers specifically designed to attract pollinators for reproduction, and the ageing and withering of beauty once this has occurred. I am interested in the concept of layers - what is hidden, wrapped, semi revealed or surprisingly glimpsed; and also in lacelike structures - fragility, ephemerality, the space between, the beautiful shadows. And I think that our relationship with the natural world is in a precarious situation, with climate change and habitat loss threatening the finely tuned balance of our precious eco systems. As an artist I feel I have to deal with this issue in my work.

My early career was in fashion, in particular running a business creating  silk lingerie and nightwear trimmed with hand cut Nottingham lace.  I later completed a Degree in Textiles and Surface Pattern and spent fifteen years teaching Art and Design in Further and Higher Education. I now focus on my own work, exhibiting in the South West and further afield, and running workshops for interested groups. In 2019 and 2020 I carried out two artist residencies in Australia, where my son lives, and I am fascinated by the flora and fauna of that continent.

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