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Fragile Earth

This body of work is a development of work created at an Art Residency in Australia as a response to the bushfires of 2019/20.

The working title was originally 'Disintegration/Things Fall Apart', and I was very pleased to receive funding from Arts Council England, which gave me time for experimentation and refection. The initial title summed up how I was feeling, mostly about the state of the environmental catastrophe which faces us, but also about covid and lockdown and how we could face all these issues as a global society. However as I progressed I began to think 'Fragile Earth' was a better description as it gave a little more room for optimism - the white ephemeral pieces evoking natural forms may either be seen as ghostly reminders of what we once had but have now lost, or more positively, as beautiful, fragile ecosystems which we still have a chance to save if we work together to do so.

The work has been exhibited as a solo exhibition at Upstairs@ the Jackson Foundation in St Just, Cornwall,  at Artizan Gallery in Torquay in 2022,  Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton in 2023 and Fine Foundation, Dorset in 2024

Studio photography by John Melville


test 9 on grey 8 bit.jpg
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