In February 2020 I spent a month as an artist in residence at Big Ci, in Bilpin on the edge of  the Blue Mountains and Wollemi National Park. It was just after the bushfires, so everywhere there were sad vistas of burnt forests. But with the torrential rain and floods that followed the regrowth was astonishing, and by the end of my stay many of the trees were covered in a lacy mass of pink, green and bronze coloured foliage. My work takes the viewer on a walk through the forests, starting with vibrant, healthy green trees, through the bushfires, to the burnt and blackened remains left afterwards. Next are the blackened trees starting to produce new shoots of foliage, and a mass of lacy new leaves. The white pieces imagine a scenario where land clearance and more frequent and intense fires due to climate change mean that the bush cannot regenerate and we are left with a ghostly memory. The first set of images are in situ at Big Ci, the second set were taken in a studio by photographer Geoff Sumner. 

Burnt Forest

Handmade paper incorporating found charcoal from burnt trees, printed paper, scrim pods, stitched paper